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If you are interested in a wardrobe review and want to start buying clothes that suit your body, applying make up/nail polish that suit your skin tone, speak to my sister, JOY Koh and set an appointment with her to find out more.

I guarantee that this will be a very rewarding and fun experience. Bring your friend along and your friend will get 50% off!
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Image consulting services helps to enhance your personal image while increasing your self-confidence for successful personal branding. At the corporate level, boost your employee morale and drive your business to greater heights. At Image Avenue , we are committed to assist you and your business to project the winning image. "Impress. Inspire. Impact"

If you are looking for Children clothing, toys, accessories, go to
I know Kidzcottage through the internet, but I cannot remember exactly how. hee hee..
Trust me, they have the best deal online. I have bought many stuff from them before for my niece and nephew. Good quality at affordable prices.

I have became friends with Kidzcottage and they are helping me to source for some interesting nail products.

Kanga Organics
Do check out all the great stuff they have on their website!