Poshe Nail Strengthening Treatment Base Coat 15ml
Promotes Strong, Healthy, Beautiful Nails, without dehydrating Formaldehyde
Protein Enriched To Strengthen Nails
Calcium Fortified To Harden Nails
Ridgefiller To Smooth Nail Imperfections
Treats All Types of Problem Nails: Soft, Peeling, Weak, Thin, Hard, Ridged, Dry & Brittle.
Contains Pro Vitamins B-5 (Panthenol) Refats The Lipids Of The Nails To Restore Moisture & Maintain Flexibility
No Formaldehyde
No Toluene, Toslamide or Toluol
No Toluenesulfonamide - Formaldehyde Resin
United States Patent Granted
Contains 2 UV Inhibitors
No Violet or Blue Dyes Added
Bonds layers Together, Making Nails Resistant To Peeling & Splitting
Can Be Reapplied Over Existing Polish
Will Re-wet itself When Used As A Treatment
Top Quality Brush - Reaches To The Bottom - Consumer Can Use The Whole Bottle
Directions: Shake well before using. For beginnning treatment, apply one coat of 4 in 1 Treatment to clean, dry nails without polish, apply Poshe' Super-fast Dry TopCoat. Reapply an additional coat of 4 in 1 Treatment every other day. As the nail's condition improves, apply every 3-4 days. Remove weekly or as needed. For wear with fashion colors: apply 4 in 1 treatment to clean, dry nails, apply two coats of color and protect with Poshe' Super-fast Dry TopCoat. Remove weekly.
Price: $21