The below stickers are all made in Korea.
Each individual sticker has a rhinestone attached to it.
Easy to peel off from the sheet but yet does not break off easily.
Long lasting on your nails.

How to use?
Paint a layer of base coat + 2 layers of polish, let the nail polish dry.
Peel the sticker from the sheet using a tweezer.
Stick the sticker to your nails and press the sticker down firmly to your nail.
If your nail polish is not totally dry, use a tweezer to press it down so as not to smudge your polish. Finish off by painting a layer of your favourite top coat over your nail.
If you like, you can also add extra rhinestones or dots to your nails. 
Thumb: GS10 + GS09
Index Finger: GS04 + 1 extra rhinestone
Middle Finger: GS08
Ring Finger: GS02
Pinky: GS06 + 1 extra rhinestone
**Apologies for the untidy cuticle!
 Left Finger: GS07 + 1 extra rhinestone
Right Finger: GS03