Holiday in Toyland "Tiny Toybox" mini pack
Mini pack includes
1) HL808 Glamour Games
2) HL809 Brand New Skates
3) HL813 Little Red Wagon
4) HL817 Don't Toy With Me
Price: $25

Russian "Tiny Treasures" mini pack (OUT OF STOCK)
Mini pack includes
1) R60 Suzi Says Da
2) R61 Kreme De La Kremlim
3) R62 St. Petersburgundy
4) RapiDry Top Coat
Price: $25

Holiday in Hollywood "Tiny Tinsel" Mini Pack
Mini pack includes
1) HL702 I'd Like to Thank
2) HL703 My Big Break
3) HL704 Hollywood Blonde
4) HL706 Have You Seen My Limo?
Price: $25