All these rhinestones are 4mm and above and they are very suitable for bling bling nail art!! You can also use these rhinestones to stick to your mobile, camera, files, etc etc...For most of the rhinestones, I took them while still in the plastic bag.. Thus, the actual rhinestone is actually more shinning. Also, due to lighting and computer resolution, the colour of the actual rhinestone may defer a little from the pictures.

The rhinestones will stick on better if you use a proper nail glue. I will be bringing in more variety of nail glue so stay tune..

For DIY rhinestone kits and nail glue, please click HERE (please scroll to the bottom of that page)
For Rhinestones in wheel, please click HERE

The below picture will give you an idea of how big are the rhinestones. For the picture on the left, the big clear crystal are 5mm and the smaller ones are 1mm.

For the picture on the right, the big light blue crystal is 5mm and the rest are 2mm and 3mm.

For Higher quality crystals available in 1mm and 2mm, please click HERE (please scroll to the middle of that page)