For a start, let me show you something simple yet elegant and classy.. French Manicure..

Don't you think that this base colour is just sooo nice? It gives your nails such a healthy look and this is my favourite French manicure base colour (Orly's Bare Rose).

Orly Bare Rose is sooo mistaken by many people. When they look at the bottle, they get turned off. They think that the colour is too red as a French base.. but I guarantee you, once you have tried it, you will love it.. Just like me..

(See.. the colour looks scary right? But see below picture for the effect)

July 2009

Today I want to share some pictures which my customer sent me.. She is my record holder so far.. She really has a HUGE passion for polish..We have became friends because of the many many nail polishes she has bought from me.. To those who think you have a lot of nail polishes, see pictures below! We will never have too many nail polishes.. just like the number of bags, shoes, clothes we girls have.. its never too many... Ain't it good to be a girl? :)

Picture 1: This is where all her treasures are stored..

Picture 2: Wow.. there is non slip pad to ensure her polishes do not "fly" when she opens the drawer.. There is a divider in the center too. Hmm.. maybe it is to separate the polishes by the shades or by their collection.

Picture 3: All the lovely OPI DS colours.

Picture 4: This is my favourite picture. The TINS are all so pretty!!