***Apply one coat over dried lacquer and watch the shatter effect appear before your eyes!
***You can use it over any OPI colours or other brand of polish too. (although i think it works better with OPI. I feel it works better with cream colours. You will be able to see more shatter effect. )
***Apply any Shatter Colour BEFORE you apply your top coat. It does not work if you paint over your top coat.
***Every time you apply, the shatter will be different, which makes it so unique! The degree of shatter depends on a few factors. How dry is the base nail polish, how thick you apply etc etc. Try out a few times and you will get the hang of it.
***Shatter colours tend to thicken faster then normal polish. Remember to clean the neck of the bottle after each usage. It is OK to use a thinner to thin your shatter. I've tried and the shatter still appears. :)
***Go to youtube to check out videos on Shatter tutorial and ideas.. There are so many combination you can play with!

For swatches of the Shatter colours, Please click here
For swatches of Pink Shatter, please click here