These Mini sets are all limited edition and are while stock last. Great as gifts and you get to try out 3 or more colours! Grab yours now!

OPI Hello Kitty Mini

Milk Bottle 3.75ml
Let's be Friends! 3.75ml
Never Have Too Mani Friends 3.75ml

5 Apples Tall 3.75ml
My Twin Mimmy 3.75ml

FREE Hello Kitty Nail Art Brush/Tool

Price: $25

OPI Hello Kitty Little Blossoms

Showered by Petals 3.75ml
Dreams of Spring 3.75ml
Sitting Under Cherry Blossoms 3.75ml
Cherry Blooms 3.75ml

Price: $22

OPI Summer Picnic Mini
Bubble Bath 3.75ml

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian 3.75ml
Cajun Shrimp 3.75ml

OPI Top Coat 3.75ml
Price: $22

OPI Hawaii Mini

Suzi Shops & Island Hops 3.75ml
That's Hula-rious! 3.75ml
Lost My Bikini in Molokini 3.75 ml
Aloha from OPI 3.75ml 
Price: $22

Ford Mustang Mini

F68 Race Red 3.75ml
F69 50 Years of Style 3.75ml
F72 Girls Love Ponies 3.75ml

F73 Angel with a  Leadfoot 3.75ml
Price: $22

The Perfect Ten Mini

You’re So Vain-illa 3.75ml
Visions of Georgia Green 3.75ml
Centennial Celebration 3.75ml
Coca-Cola Red 3.75ml
Nail Envy Base Coat 3.75ml
My Signature is “DC” 3.75ml
Sorry I’m Fizzy Today 3.75ml
Get Cherried Away 3.75ml
A Grape Affair 3.75ml
OPI Top Coat 3.75ml

Price: $38

Brights by OPI Mini

Hotter than You Pink 3.75ml
Can't Hear Myself Pink! 3.75ml
Down to the Core-al 3.75ml
Life Gave Me Lemons 3.75ml
I Sea You Wear OPI 3.75ml
My Car has Navy-gation 3.75ml
Price: $28

Muppets Most Wanted Mini
Miss Piggy's Big Number 3.75ml
I Love Applause 3.75ml
Kermit Me To Speak 3.75ml
Chillin' Like a Villian 3.75ml

Price: $22

Gwen Stefani Mini set
Hey Baby 3.75ml
I Sing In Color 3.75ml
Love.Angel.Music.Baby 3.75ml
4 In The Morning 3.75ml
Price: $22

Brazil Liquid Sand Mini Set

Samba-dy Loves Purple 3.75ml
I’m Brazil Nuts Over You 3.75ml What’s a Little Rain Forest 3.75ml
You’re So Flippy Floppy 3.75ml
Price: $22

Brazil Mini Set
Next Stop…The Bikini Zone 3.75ml
Kiss Me I’m Brazilian 3.75ml 
AmazON…AmazOFF 3.75ml
Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? 3.75ml
Price: $22

OPI Neon Revolution Mini Set
Neon White Base 3.75ml
OPI Top Coat 3.75ml
Don't Say It-Yellow It! 3.75ml
The Time is Pow! 3.75ml
Pink Outside The Box 3.75ml
Blue It Out Of Proportion 3.75ml

To get the best results, apply color-intensifying white base, followed by two coats of neon lacquer. Finish with the included Top Coat for a high-gloss finish
Price: $28

OPI Mariah Carey Mini Set
Get Your Number 3.75 mLx1
Can't Let Go 3.75 mLx1
The Impossible 3.75 mLx1
Stay The Night 3.75 mLx1

Price: $22