Blaze™ Nail Lacquer uses SolarActive® technology to change colors when exposed to UV rays. Whether it is light pink to purple, a more daring blue to green, or even a simple clear to red, Blaze™ Nail Lacquer is the only polish that rises with the sun.

All of the ingredients used in Blaze™ Nail Lacquer are completely safe, environmentally friendly, and FDA-approved. Its unique formula provides a long-lasting finish and is also 3 Free -
Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde free.

Things to note about Blaze Nail Lacquer
1) Picture below shows 2 bottle of polishes, but you are only getting 1 bottle of polish. The 2nd "outdoor" picture is just to show the colour you will get when the polish is expose to sunlight.
2) You can use any brand of top and base coat. You will still see the colour change effect. 
3) This is normal nail polish. There is NO need to use a UV light. This is NOT gel polish 
4) The glitter colours are a little sheer and you might need to paint 3 coats before you get the desired colour. If not, you can use a similar base colour then paint the glitter colour over. 
5) Each bottle is 0.45oz
6) Each bottle is at $16

I am a nude/red colour kind of person so I decided to go for Wedding Bliss (1st Picture) for my review. (A little like OPI's F16 Tickle My Francey) The application is easy and the colour is very solid. I was very excited to see the outdoor results, so after I finish painting, I immediately stretch my hand outside the window and WOW!! within a few second, I got Blushing Bride (2nd Picture) on my fingernails!

The colour is very lasting and does not chip off easily. I had a fun time with this polish, trying to show off to whoever was with me when I was outdoor. I also tried to cover half my nails when I was outdoor and I really had half Wedding Bliss and half Blushing Bride on the same nail! Too bad I did not have my camera with me at that time. Was really fun. Take a look at the exciting colours and let me know which Blaze colour you would like to try. I am sure you will WOW too!