Best Selling 24K Gold (coated on the bar) T-shaped slimming bar. Very popular in Taiwan, Japan and now Singapore! Only $42 for 1 set! 

Before you read the details of the slimming bar below, you can see the real life pictures of me and my sister before and after using the slimming bar. NO photoshop done. Amazing results in less then 10 mins! 

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• Reshape your face contour to reveal your youthful energy
• 24K Gold T-shaped rod helps restore skin radiance, firmness and elasticity, eliminate tired eyes, smoothen wrinkles, improve circulation, and contour face for a slim V-shape
• Immediately tightens your skin, quick face-lift with 6000 times per minute ion micro-vibration and 24K gold plating helps enrich the skin and promote blood circulation
• Instantaneous activation of cell activity, rapid elimination of facial swelling, diminishes dark bags, 3-minute removal of eyes bags, enhances facial contours immediately
• T-shaped design gives better access to acupuncture points in the face, hands, nose and behind ears
• The 24K gold stick is so smooth, it can be used with or without moisturizer or oils
• Battery operated, waterproof design for use in shower, hot spring, and even the office
• Use the Beauty Bar alongside regular skincare products to improve absorption
• The design is very light, stylish, portable, easy to operate and compact. 


How to use and its benefits.
1. The face and neck, roll all over the face and neck in an upward and downward motion.
2. Eyes, start from under the eye and follow the structure.
3. Forehead, roll in an upward and downward motion. Move across the forehead using the same movements.
4. Smile line, roll in an upward and downward motion. Move across the forehead using the same movements.
5. Neck, start from the base of the neck and move upward towards the jaw line. Repeat the same motion all over the neck.
6. Eliminate puffiness, roll in an upward and downward motion all over the face.
7. Use for recommended three times a day for three minutes to see anti-aging benefits.

Click on this youtube link to see how to use and the immediate effect on lifting the face.

Terms and Conditions.
1. The slimming effect from the 24k Gold slimming bar is NOT permanent. It is ideal if you have a photo shoot or a date and you want to look pretty. My sister bought it and she says it last one full day for her. There will be different effect for different people.
2. Price is inclusive of normal postage and 1xAA battery. Registered postage is highly recommended as I will not be responsible for lost mail once mailed out from my end. Kindly top up $2.24 for registered mail.
3. Please do not purchase from me if you do not agree to any of the above terms and conditions. 

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